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The ADORABLE Xiao Liwu- San Diego Zoo

Too cute! Panda bear cub Xiao Liwu (a. Wu) navigates down a tree at the San Diego Zoo

Love it!


Why are their so many pandas climbing one tree? How is that tree still standing? Or is it all one pandas journey up a tree in many different shots?

Nobody can resist the cuteness of baby animals. They are curious, naive, and sometimes funny, just like our kids. You're a hardened person if you can scroll through these baby animals photos without your heart beating fast.

23 Incredibly Cute Baby Animals That Will Melt Your Heart

A little help? LOL. Aww! This is so cute. I am so in love with pandas. They are truly one of the cutest animals on Earth.

The struggles of being SHORT (26 photos)

I imagine this is how I look when using a stool. except nowhere near as cute. (But omg, baby panda using a stool. Too much cuteness in one picture.