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The Little Ghost Nebula (NGC 6369)  A dying star expels its outer layers, creating a planetary nebula . so called because it resembles a planet when seen with a small telescope. NGC 6369's blue-green ring marks the location where energetic ultraviolet light has stripped electrons from oxygen atoms in the gas.

Little Ghost Nebula (NGC is a planetary nebula in the constellation Ophiuchus. Round and planet-shaped, the nebula is also relatively faint. The Little Ghost Nebula should not be confused with the Ghost Nebula or the Ghost Head Nebula (NGC

"So very beautiful is he"

"So very beautiful is he"


Data: WISE IRSA Archive A young star forming complex in the constellation of Cepheus. The complex encompasses the emission region.

Supernova Blue Bubble Explosion Hubble Android Wallpaper

According to NASA, this is a Hubble image of an enormous bubble being blown into space by a super-hot, massive star. This feature is called the Bubble Nebula. (Photo: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team )

Image illustrative de l'article NGC 7009

Image illustrative de l'article NGC 7009

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NASA Butterfly Nebula (NGC Located in the constellation Scorpius, the structure of this nebula is one of the most fragile and complex that has ever been studied. The butterfly shape has lead scientists to name it's structure a "bipolar structure.

One more picture of Helix nebula (NGC 7293). This one got a huge image post-processing: the result is stunning, with detail and hue nuances rarely seen.

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"One more picture of Helix nebula (NGC This one got a huge image post-processing: the result is stunning, with detail and hue nuances rarely seen. it actually looks like the colors are shaping an eye.

Messier 87, Başak Takımyıldızı yönünde yaklaşık 52 milyon ışık yılı uzaklıkta bulunan dev bir eliptik gökadadır.

Messier The nebula Messier 78 (also known as M 78 or NGC is a reflection nebula in the constellation Orion.

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This infrared image from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope shows the Helix nebula, a cosmic starlet often photographed by amateur astronomers for its vivid colors and eerie resemblance to a giant eye. 36 / 40 Photo by Comets Kick up Dust in Helix Nebula;

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Witch’s Broom Nebula: western portion of the Veil Nebula complex. The bright star is 52 Cygni

Hubble Space Telescope Helix Nebula NASA Picture

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La ancha y profunda Laguna | Imagen astronomía diaria - Observatorio

The Wide and Deep Lagoon Image Credit & Copyright: Michael Miller, Jimmy Walker Explanation: Ridges of glowing interstellar gas and dark dust clouds inhabit the turbulent, cosmic depths of the Lagoon Nebula. Also known as the bright star forming region is

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Nebula Galore