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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor morse apparaat

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor morse apparaat

De Amerikaanse uitvinder en kunstschilder Samuel Morse vond in 1835 de morsecode uit. De elektrische telegraaf had veel invloed op de communicatie.

DC Photos: Take a Peek Inside the Smithsonian American History Museum: Morse-Vail Telegraph Key

Spark gap transmitter - Émetteur à étincelles — Wikipédia

Spark gap radio transmitter in American Museum of Radio & Electricity in…

Whiterook MK-44 Mini CW Paddle from Electronics USA.  ElectronicsUSA.com

Whiterook Mini Morse Code CW paddles, keys, and keyers for QRP and portable Ham Radio activities. Check out our Mini Iambic Paddle and more!

64df02c44badbeb59cf5c34e727f0d30--military-surplus-morse-code.jpg 564×717 pixels

64df02c44badbeb59cf5c34e727f0d30--military-surplus-morse-code.jpg 564×717 pixels

LED Ham Radio Clocks | Mini Morse Keys & Accessories

Single Lever Paddle Mini CW Keys - Iambic Paddles - Single Lever Paddles Simple & Efficient Designs that are Inexpensive & Great Fun! In Production Since Unique Miniature Morse Telegraph Key and CW Paddle Products!

It's a gorgeous, working minature J-38 key, shipped in its own small wooden box. Nice job, KA6IRL!

A gorgeous, working minature key, shipped in its own small wooden box by

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STAMPFL Morse key was founded by Heinz Stampfl in Stampfl manufactures Morse Key in small batches and in the usual Swiss Quality.

Forcieri   Italian Postal Services key from Early 1900

Forcieri Italian Postal Services key from Early 1900