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Get Imgur beamed to your inbox The best of Imgur teleported to you every week Activate! Next Post Apparently this farm owner was denied a council permit to build a horse shelter. Fortunately you don't need a permit to build a table and chairs. See more

Tuesday Quotes: This one is for the dogs

Shelter dog poem Adopt a Pet - Why do people buy a dog if they can't love and care for it. Description from I searched for this on

food, clothes, money and shelter may be handed to you but success can never be handed to someone, it is individually earned with hard work and determination.

#NewYork ~ Hi, my name is Curlie, I'm a 12yo Poodle mix. Unfortunately, I'm unable to type as I'm #blind, so 1 of my Little Shelter friends typed my story. I'm a #senior & when I lost my vision I suddenly found myself in shelter. I walked into the walls trying to figure out where I was & soon figured out I was no longer in my home. Little Shelter rescued me - I'm V sweet <3 LITTLE SHELTER 33 Warner Rd #Huntington NY 11743 Sat-Sun 12-5pm Mon-Fri 1-7pm Ph 631-368-8770

If You’re Going To Read One Thing Today, Read This

Can't believe how some people abuse animals that just want to be their friend. Fortunately they are people who are just the opposite...Eric from

If it were it not for the occasional irrationality of otherwise brilliant fund managers sheltered and comforted by MPT, we’d all of us be out of luck trying to beat the market. Fortunately, it’s in the nature of the beast for a fund manager to do irrational things; principally to sell something at a significant discount to its actual value.

How I went from homelessness to Harvard

Liz Murray "I was beginning to understand that however things unfolded from here on, whatever the next chapter was, my life could never be the sum of one circumstance."

Top 10 most inspirational people of the world

Liz Murray: Growing up with drug-addict parents, Liz Murray’s education soon suffered. But after a stint living on the streets as a teen, she turned her life around, resumed her studies – and secured a place at one of the world’s elite universities