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13th Century Sugarloaf Helm

13th Century Sugarloaf Helm

Italian brigandine (corazzina), 16th century, circa 1560, formed of rows of overlapping small rectangular tinned iron plates, attached to both a canvas lining and a velvet outer covering by symmetrically arranged rows of minute brass rivets, original pair of short tassets, opening fully at the front and closed by the original series of fabric-covered straps with angular brass buckles, fitted with a panel of riveted mail lining each of the internal lower edges.

Italian brigandine (corazzina), century, circa formed of rows of…

Rus helm, medieval 12/13th cen. Partial face mask

Rus helm, medieval 12/13th cen. Partial face mask

Bohemian Pavise, second half of the 15th century (National Museum in Prague)

Bohemian Pavise (shield), second half of the century (National Museum in Prague)

Ricostruzione Corazzina conservata presso il Metropolitan Museum 1400 Maggiori info su: http://www.compagnia13porte.com/Ricostruzione.html

Century Transitional - it should be noted that although the outfit is broadly accurate, it is actually a composite with elements taken from multiple sources and varying time periods.

Medival Soldier Knight late 14th early 15th century man at arms

Medival Soldier Knight late early century man at arms