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Freckles,naturalism, natural beauty

Freckles,naturalism, natural beauty

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Thankful for summer freckles justifying being called a ginger + two braids allowing my inner self to shine

17 Photos That Prove Women With Freckles Are Beautiful | Natural Beauty Looks That Will Inspire You! by Makeup Tutorials at http://makeuptutorials.com/photos-that-prove-women-with-freckles-are-beautiful/

17 Photos That Prove Freckles Are Beautiful

Make-up inspiration for the freckled bride. Or any freckle face, for that matter!

Makeup for Freckles | 8 makeup looks that will make those freckles look amazing. You don't always have to hide them. You have to embrace who you are and show them off! #youresopretty

5 Simple Ways to Get Gorgeous Skin Overnight (Just In Time for Your Wedding!) I wish I had freckles like that^

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She has blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair and these fall under the skin tone spring. She is wearing a light pink shirt which goes well with her color. My natural hair color & eye color ; plus light pink is my fave color. love it.

♥ this is the length i'm going for - almost there!gorgeous long curly ginger red hair!

Beauty and Makeup Tips and Tricks for Redheads

both my paternal grandmother's and great grandmother's natural hair color. The red-haired gene had skipped me. instead I have light golden brown.

Another stunning shot! We are Society. #portraitsociety Featured Photographer: /ethangulley/ Model: /emblu/ by portrait_society

Another stunning shot! Featured Photographer: /ethangulley/ Model: /emblu/ by portrait_society