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A man who offered two panhandlers a job is shown in a viral photo holding a sign that reads "Don't give money" after they apparently declined the offer.

One of the biggest hopes is more & more people will come realize that they have to take responsibility for their own lives and the Nation because no mythological god is ever going to do anything !

A very sobering reminder from Ezekiel that we have to be continually WARNING people and pointing them toward Jesus.

Abide In Christ eCourse

This brand new mentoring resource takes a fresh look at the instruction to abide in Christ. The 5 lessons are streamlined into bite sized, digestible pieces that pack a punch. Plus they are extremely practical so that over the course of 5 days you will have hands on tools for abiding and bearing godly fruit. It's FREE! Click over to sign up!

DYING TO SELF! I Die you? #PrayersNTimeOfNeed #Agrainofmustardseed reaching the world w/the word of God 1 SEED at a time

Nothing is more attractive than a man or woman determined to follow God's commands for a relationship. I want an Ephesians 6 kind of love!

Patience is not the ability to wait but how you act while you're waiting. I always tell my kids that 'patience' is waiting nicely.