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Abs made in the kitchen

MYTH: Doing tons of ab workouts will make you lose stomach fat. Abs are made in the kitchen. Eat clean, train mean.

What I say in my head! Keep going.

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Abs Diet | Fitness Tips For Women

abs diet

Abs Diet Power 12 - Base most of your meals around these 12 food groups. Every meal should have at least two foods from the list.

This is SO true!!   Unfortunately many people have no idea

Top 25 Flat Belly Foods

Abs are what we eat! So TRUE! I used to work out and still had the flab. changed my diet and that work in the gym showed much better!

Ab Diet / Six meals a day - Six options each Rapid weight loss! The new method in Absolutely safe and easy!

Agree 100%! I didn't start seeing results in my stomach until my diet changed, no matter how much core work I did. 6 pack here I come!

How to boost metabolism and lose weight easier - great info! You wear what you eat. No matter how much you go the the gym, if you don't eat healthy you will never reach your goal.

30-Day Crunch Challenge Chart Pic | Take up the 30 day ab challenge today!!

30 Day Abs Challenge - try this workout at the beginning of the new month & stick with it! You'll see results! Gonna try this on the first.

Git up and GO.

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We don’t run out of excuses when we workout especially if we feel lazy or if our workout didn’t do us anything good. Hence, below are motivational fitness quote