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New Study Says Domesticated Dogs Are Even Older Than We Thought

Dogs And People Have Been Best Friends Longer Than We Originally Thought

New study suggests dogs were domesticated as far back as years ago.

Animal relationships. Wild nature. Compassion. Wolf and fox.

Nayeli the wolfdog and Freya the fox are two rescue animals living at a wildlife sanctuary with their human mom and dad. Nayeli was rescued from a wolfdog back yard breeder who put his animals in danger constantly . Freya was rescued from a fur farm.

Photographer Fox Grom from Russia managed to capture some stunning photographs of his two Huskies Alaska and Blizzard frolicking on a frozen lake after rain

Alaskan Husky dog in snow diamond painting full square drill

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Making that hopeful call. Strange how evolution has progressed from this to the mobile phone and ipad!

For World's Only Wild Red Wolves, a Fateful Decision

The controversial wolves have been reintroduced to North Carolina for 28 years, but now the state wants them removed.

"After wandering for days in this forest, she knew the white wolf was a guardian angel in wolf-form the moment she saw it."

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Yes, Siberian Huskies are among the most beautiful dogs in the world. Yet, as human beings, we often choose our companion animals based solely on appearance rather than practicality. On Physical...

Beautiful red siberian husky, this is exactly wat I want, get it as a puppy n then raise it babe can I have one like this?