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Researching prohibition/speakeasy/gangster party themes for Boys & Girls Club fundraiser. This is funny!

Truth ur not gangster when ur freakin underwear are showing ur simply just a person who can't seem to pull ur pants up all the way.simple terms ur lazy not gangster

Senior Picture Wins

Senior Picture Wins

Funny pictures about Senior Picture Wins. Oh, and cool pics about Senior Picture Wins. Also, Senior Picture Wins photos.

hahahahaha at woody harrelson, mr. Bean, and Elijah wood!

Celebrity Men As Women

Funny pictures about Celebrity Men as Women. Oh, and cool pics about Celebrity Men as Women. Also, Celebrity Men as Women photos.

this is incredibly, incredibly true...

Funny pictures about Math City. Oh, and cool pics about Math City. Also, Math City photos.

These days, it does not take much to become an internet star, and these geeks decided to take the recreate ridiculous childhood photos route.

would be fun thing to do.Childhood photos recreated- omg these are hilarious

Hahaha! Think about this before you take a picture of yourself in the mirror!

Dumb Girl Poses Duck Lips Bad Girl Sexy Oops Booty Shot Shower Hair OMG Selfies: This is the complete list of dumb girl poses - New 22 inch, new hair, goofy/dor

Sounds familiar! Or how bout when you start a project/chore and does 90% of it and they offer to help and does the last 10% and then takes credit for all of it?

That is if he will take the trash out at all! My husband does a ton of other things, but trash isn't one of them! I have learned to pick my battles!

THIS FOREVER AND ALWAYS......wow....is she gonna walk down the aisle like that?? Classy. @Maddy Hassenpflug

Harry Potter + Mean Girls + Miley Cyrus = Hilarious. "I have this theory that if you cut all her hair off she'd look like a British man!

I Don't Think You Should Read That Book In Public - NoWayGirl

New Meme Alert: Black People Not Amused With White People Photos)


still too soon for these comments about Whitney but this makes me giggle