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Printed in the San Jose Mercury News, Contra Costa Times and Oakland Tribune about doctors taking money from pharmaceutical companies and over prescribing foster kids drugs. God Bless America. A slightly different version of this went to print but I preferred this one. Read the disturbing story here.

Philosophy of walking, for the Chronicle of Higher Education. A story about the meditative and philosophical aspects of walking in urban environments.

Who Owns the Biggest Biotech Discovery of the Century? Full pager for MIT Technology Review about controversy over who owns a new form of DNA editing. Art Direction: Jordan Awan. The one that went to print was slightly different, but I preferred this version. Thanks always to Jordan for the cool project!

everybodyontheinternet:On February 26, the FCC is going to decide if the internet should stay free and fair, or if it should be handed over to the cable companies.You don’t want them to pick the cable companies. Join everybody on the internet to help the FCC do the right thing.

New piece for The New York Times about pain persisting after breast cancer surgery. So grateful I get to work on assignments like this! Thanks to art direction Catherine Gilmore-Barnes for letting me do my thing! Store here.

This is another advertisement that i found to be clever and effective. Its is an non-traditional out door ad. This ad is for a dentist office where the consumer rips off one of the teeth to get the information that's located on the backside.

Melanie Mikecz has created a colorful funky foliage pattern for a pleasant art print design! Bursts of vibrant color fill this abstract wall decor, giving you many color options to coordinate with other room decor. A unique paper print to decorate and bri