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The Soviet space shuttle Buran being loaded on its Antonov transport craft. Note the lack of main engines, but rather orbital maneuvering engines.

NASA Gemini Mission Photos - Album on Imgur

NASA Gemini Mission Photos

ソ連崩壊で頓挫した幻のロシア製有人宇宙船「ブラン」の今 - GIGAZINE

The photos taken by Ralph Mirebs show a harbour of an abandoned Soviet space shuttle program, and two incompleted spacecrafts.

Inside the Soviets' Secret Failed Moon Program.

Inside the Soviets’ Secret Failed Moon Program

"The Soviet lunar program was covered up, forgotten after failing to put a man on the moon. These rare photos from a lab inside the Moscow Aviation Institute show a junkyard of rarely-seen spacecraft, including a never-to-be-used Soviet lunar lander.


SKYLON at ISSCredit: Adrian MannWith a Personnel and Logistics module in the payload bay, cargo, supplies and crews could be delivered to the International Space Station by the proposed SKYLON vehicle, extending the outpost's useful life.