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Author Showcase - Lauren Child

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book? by Lauren Child. This book references the character "Big Bad Wolf" from The Three Little Pigs to teach children to not fear reading. I think it's interesting how the author uses a familiar story and character to help teach this lesson.

The Little Red Pen

I first saw this book this summer, then when I became a math teacher I forgot all about it! I still want it and want to read it because it is a good book to teach personification!

I love the way they introduced this book about metaphors: 'Here's a BRIGHT IDEA: read this book. It's a PIECE OF CAKE. And trust us; no one will call you A TURKEY. For more metaphors, look inside.'

The Night I Followed the Dog- Great book to teach Main Idea & Supporting Details, as well as Sequencing Events! (link includes lesson plan)

Dudley, Rachael - 5th grade / Classroom Anchor Charts. I love the different formats that were used to differentiate the text structures. I will use this in Kinder to differentiate ways to write about a text.