beautiful stained glass window in St Michael's Church, Linlithgow, Scotland!

beautiful stained glass window in St Michael's Church Catholic Church, Linlithgow, Scotland!

Sagrada Familia

/ stained glass windows at la sagrada familia / barcelona, spain / antoni gaudi/ construction started in estimated completion 2026 /


love the colors Contemporary stained glass window (at La Dreta De L'eixample, Barcelona, Spain by Julien Errera)

images of bible storiesOld and New Testement  in stained glass windows | Blips of Knowledge on Sunday | Cjaronu's Blog

Blips of Knowledge on Sunday

Our Lady of Chartres Cathedral (France), Gothic architecture, mid century to century | SAGRADA FAMILIA 03705

Rose window in La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain. Gaudi started work on the project in Building still under construction completion estimate is 2026

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Stained glass designed by Edward Burne-Jones, produced by Morris & Co in about From St Mary's parish church, Oxted, in the Tandridge District of Surrey, England.

Stained glass Jesse Tree at Saint-Étienne's church in Beauvais, France, created between 1522-1524.  Jesse is the chap in the four-poster bed at the bottom.  To his left is Francis I of France and to his right is the Holy Roman Emporer Charlies V.  High res version at source.

Stain glass Jesse Tree at Saint Etienne Church in Beauvais, France . Built in 1522