De Beauvoir Street Home By Scott Architects

The refurbishment and extension of an existing Victorian terraced house within the de Beauvoir Area. This lovely house is designed by Scott Architects in London

De Beauvoir House / Scott Architects

De Beauvoir House / Scott Architects

This Victorian terrace house in #London gets a modern makeover.

this couple in London craved order, light, and space but were prepared to settle for a washing machine. In came architect William Tozer with a plan that inserted clean white planes into the envelope of their Victorian terrace house in London.

192 shoreham street by project orange (I like the contrast in texture and time period)

192 Shoreham Street by Project Orange

Built by Project Orange in , Shoreham Street, Sheffield 192 Shoreham Street is a Victorian industrial brick building sited at the edge of the Cu.


Contemporary Residential Extensions, Refurbishments & New-Builds


Kindred House / Anagram Architects Architects: Anagram Architects Location: India Design Team: Ayush Prakash, Mugdha Upasani, Late S. Sai Satish Photographs: Courtesy of Anagram Architects

Ampliação numa Cidade Jardim / STEINMETZDEMEYER Architectes Urbanistes

Ampliação numa Cidade Jardim / STEINMETZDEMEYER Architectes Urbanistes

Bates Masi Architects – Award Winning Modern Architect, Hamptons ...

Oceanview Kit House Upgraded to Elegant Family Home. Far Pond Residence by Bates Masi Architects – a kit house in Southampton, New York, revived with a contemporary appeal.