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mooseman-draws: “i loved teen titans when i was a kid! starfire and cyborg were my favorite characters ” - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on s

Teen Titans lol cute Terra

I really disliked Terra from the beginning because I was always pro beast boy and raven, but I ended up appreciating her character and I wish we could have gotten an answer for her story's ending.

Reacting to teen titan go be like...

Teen titans watching Teen titans go! Cyborg:I don't say booyah like that. Starfire:I don't scream when I fire my eye blast! Raven:I do too take my cloak off! Beast Boy:WE KISSED RAVEN! *hugs Raven* Robin:Why do I act like a chicken about to get murdered?

Teen titans

The Teen Titans are going as The Avengers for Halloween. Raven is Black Widow, Starfire is Thor, Cyborg is Iron Man, Robin is Captain America and Beast Boy is Hulk.