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Rectilinear Austin house by Matt Fajkus embraces rolling terrain

Los Angeles firm Arshia Architects has created a sculptural white hillside residence to comply with the stringent zoning requirements of its exclusive neighbourhood.

http://scottalbum.wordpress.com Scott has launched and sold multiple technology companies. He has been awarded dozens of patents for products now in use globally by millions of people. He has received hundreds of letters of reference as well as White House, Congressional, Mayoral and Agency commendations. He has created multiple national legal and public policy precedents on behalf of the public. He is a Project Director, Product Developer, Inventor and Strategic Innovator. You should retain…

Het, Anker, Architect, MoederscheimMoonen, Location, Zwolle, Netherlands, Alucobond, Sparkling, White, Silver, Champagne, Metallic,…

TOWARDS AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE CONTEMPORARY STATE OF GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT.The paper draws attention to global environmental citizenship and precedents such as the Montreal Protocol. Other themes covered include: fragmentation of efforts within the global effort; unsustainable human behaviour; the call for a preventative ethics that aligns social, technological, industrial and democratic interests in the context of planetary responsibility.

Explores the inconsistencies, coincidences, and historical precedents of the events of September 11, 2001, and reconstructs an occult-driven script for a Global Luciferian MegaRitual. Bain argues the entire event was a psychological warfare campaign built upon a deadly foundation of black magick and high technology.

The Metaphysics of World Collapse ~ http://www.wakingtimes.com/2014/04/24/metaphysics-world-collapse/

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