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All these memories flood through your head as your fingers do the work for u. While this overwhelming rush of Pride takes over ur entire body& u just think of ur band family. All of them and how much they mean to u. Then the songs over. Horns go down. Crowd goes wild. And all ur left with is the feelings & memories u desperately r clinging to. Take one last look around. This was ur life. The best ever lived. With the greatest people on Earth.

I cried so hard when my "dad" (first drum captain) left last year, and I will cry when all the seniors leave this year!

Rush Red Star T-Shirt. Neil Peart, possibly the best drummer in the world, explaining Rush's imagery and individualist...

For The Motherland Tank T-Shirt. The Soviet tank that won the Battle of Stalingrad for the Soviet Red Army and.

The other Coolest Man on Earth

The other Coolest Man on Earth