Sad how true it is

The standard anime viewer. My last pose wasn't because I forgot to do homework. when my favorite anime character dies i die with him/her

JB Should Have Studied His Manga

So this girl gives Beiber a Death Note notebook and asked for his autograph. I've never seen the anime but I've had people tell me what it's about. This is hilarious! -Oh that poor girl never seeing Death Note

it's anime I'm sorry XD hahaha

That is so true, that it's not even funny.but I still laughed. Unless your friends watch Anime to! <<< Dude, true, very true.

C'est ce que j'ai commencé a faire aujourd'hui, mais...L'ANIME QUE JE VEUX REGARDER NE MARCHE SUR AUCUN SITE!!!!!!!!!

Anime time this is so me. I get of school and I just watch anime

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Anime/manga quotes funny pictures ( I can't think of one at the moment that would be okay for kids)

noragami funny | That Moment When- Noragami by Black-Scythia

That moment: When you fangirl around a non-Otaku friend.

Yup I'm fucking Lucifer bitches (XD I HAVE NO CLUE WHERE THAT CAME FROM! Obviously my friends are a bad influence on me. Just kidding they're a wonderful influence)>>>lucifer from tdiapt right

Yup basically life<- plus my love life is nonexistent. Until I do get a love life, if ever, my computer, internet, and anime make up for it.

My life would be boring. I love anime because It makes me forget about the shit days I have at school or at home. Let's be honest I would've gone crazy by now if anime didn't exist

live a meaningless life without the beauty and perfection of anime in my life… >> well written