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Book I Aeneas shelters here with seven ships-/ all he can muster, all the storm has left. [They arrive on the Libyan coast. Aeneas and Achates in foreground. ~ Dosso Dossi

Book VI ...upon his left he sees a broad/ fortress encircled by a triple wall/and girdled by a rapid flood of flames/ that rage. [ Aeneas and the sibyl pass Tartarus, the place where the worst criminals are punished]

Book IV "I shall unite the two in certain marriage,/ and seal her as Aeneas' very own; and this shall be their wedding." [ juno plans the storm that will force Dido and Aeneas to shelter in the cave and become lovers, "married" in the eyes of Dido.] ~art, Bjorn Wlimblad

Book V Meanwhile, Aeneas, well upon his way, /was sailing steadfast with his galleys/ ...watching where the walls of Carthage glowed/ with sad Elyssa's flames.

Book III Aeneas pulling up the bleeding plant (painted in red) [maiolica plate ,Francesco Xanto Avelli da Rovigo, 1530]

Book IV "How can you struggle now against a love/that is so acceptable?...If you marry Aeneas, what a city, / and what a kingdom, sister, you will see!" [Anna encourages Dido's love for Aeneas. ~Seated women, painted terracotta mold statuette. .Myrina, Mysia (Asia Minor). 100 BCE. London, British Museum.