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After an ostrich had fallen into a frozen pond, staff at the Pittsburgh Zoo helped guide the animal to safety.

please pass this message on....there are so many people and animals in need of help....

Waiting in line to be slaughtered. A cow can smell, hear, and see. If a cow smells blood, hears desperate sounds of other cows and yelling of workers, and sees the blood and quite often even the cow being slaughtered ahead, it doesn’t require a genius to be aware of where they’re headed. But there is nowhere to run. Not in hell...look at her breakherting..

"The biggest threat to the orang­utans in Borneo is the devas­tat­ing defor­esta­tion and destruc­tion of habitat that is sweep­ing through the island, mostly due to palm oil planta­tions. As the rainfor­est is removed to make room for the massive palm oil produc­tion the orang­utans are left with no home and nowhere to go. Workers kill the adult orang­utans found on the planta­tions and keep the babies in hope of selling them as pets." Julie O'Neill

An innocent baby defaced with an aerosol can, like it is a worthless piece of trash. Lamb meat comes from babies only weeks old, taken and brutally killed before they are even weaned. Anyone who eats the flesh of babies, really needs to take a look at themselves and what they are creating. Human disgrace, i hang my head in shame to be attached to such a barbaric, creepy race of ignorant selfish beings

still a baby, about to be killed. there is no such thing as a humane slaughter. NEVER eat veal. (found on Facebook)

Last night we received this shocking video of Tim Sappington shooting a horse to make... a point against all animal activists who might get in his way. He stated "All you animal activists, fuck you" and then shot the horse at point blank range. This could be considered a hate crime against all of us who have spoken out against the Roswell NM horse slaughterhouse. The owner of the slaughter house intends to hire 40-100 people, and Tim is the first employee of Valley Meat Co.

Undercover footage of wool factory workers punching sheep and plunging metal tools into their skulls has surfaced, yet no charges have been filed. Demand that officials seek legal action against the perpetrators and help end animal abuse in the wool industry.