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Selecting a typeface for Princeton Graphic Design Masters logo and early stage of an unfinished unused logo for the series.

After Class with Professor's coworker I developed a Princeton Graphic Design Masters logo for the book series, which unfortunately did not end up being used. I created the logo using elements from the letters o and i of the typeface "didot" with a goal for a professional, classic, and studious feel. Also I just noticed it has a typo.

1/3 This is the final set of designs I made for the book cover designs. I refined elements further, removed Vignelli's logo where needed, added illustrator vectors of part of his NYC subway map, and added the final Princeton Graphic Design Masters title.

"Di - Ziń", (June 1987), [Furniture, Lighting, Architecture and Interiors Design], Santa Monica, (California) - Advertisement for opening exhibition designed by 'April Greiman Inc.' - GraphicArt and Design Logo by April Greiman (b. 1948, NyC., American)

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2009 HOW Poster Design Award Gallery

Emily - The word "HELLO" is the only element in the picture and placed in the middle.The typeface of the word is in serif font with a higher x-height. But for the letter "O", it is rotated 90 degrees and in red color, different from other alphabets. It looks like the red lips of a mouth and saying out "HELLO".