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Demixx Vintage Clothing: 1920's Fashion Gallery

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Ione Bright in A beautiful Broadway stage actress who performed in a handful of productions from 1910 to

Bebe Daniels. Fur coat, scarf and a hat, she's prepared for Hollywood weather! Fab makeup.

Its been awhile since I have done a silent movie synopsis and it just so happens that I saw one about two weeks ago at the Old Town Music.

Clara Bow & Esther Ralston | 1927

silentmovies: Clara Bow and Esther Ralston era sportswear day dress drop waist casual movie star snapshot vintage fashion style print ad outfit suit skirt top shirt pleated


Thalia Barbarova, from the book Decades of Fashion by Harriet Worsley. "Opulent brocade shawls like the one on actress Thalia Barbarova's chair were popular, with some of the more opulent coming from France." Plus, giant perfume bottles = glamor.

Great Gatsby Wedding Party Ideas 5

60+ Awesome Decorations Great Gatsby party Ideas

Great Gatsby Wedding Party Ideas 5

Brigitte Helm from 'L’Argent/Money', 1928 (1906-1996). German actress, best remembered for her dual role as Maria and her double, the Maschinenmensch, in Fritz Lang's 1927 silent film "Metropolis".

mapetitemelancolie: Brigitte Helm in L'Argent/Money, 1928 Brigitte Helm inL’Argent/Money , dir. Marcel L’Herbier


Lily Elsie, le Belle Epoque Beauty in my series Beauties of le Belle Epoque - Sanctuaries, Dreams and Shadows - Art, Poetry, Vintage Images - Zimbio

Anna Pavlova in costume for her Russian dance - 1910’s

This is a colourization of the famous Russian Ballerina Anna Pavlova in the Russian costume kokoshnik. She was very determined to become a ballerina fro. Anna Pavlova in kokoshnik

Cool and sexy vintage hats

I absolutely adore style and fashion. Plus I& all about hats and this one& to die for!

1920's+head+dresses | 1920's head dress | Great Gatsby Inspired

Gatsby style: 1920s wedding inspiration - part 1

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omg gorgeous! why do we have to be boring white girls!

For the Indian bride, the perfect Indian bridal jewelry enhances her looks as much as her make-up does. Makeup or jewelry they certainly seem gorgeous.