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The rare golden tabby, or strawberry tiger. There are thought to be less than 30 in the world. by iva

This is the extremely rare and majestic Golden Tiger. Sadly less than 30 of these exist in the world today.

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Golden Tiger - with a color variation caused by a recessive gene. The coloration is a result of captive breeding and does not occur in the wild. Like the white tiger, it is a color form and not a separate species.


Portrait of the "golden tabby" tiger by Tambako the Jaguar. A golden tabby tiger has an extremely rare color variation caused by a recessive gene and is currently only found in captive tigers.

This is the rare Golden Tiger

This is the rare Golden Tiger

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Newborn and mom

A female white albino tiger, Tigrylia is seen with her newborn cub at the Skazka Zoo in Yalta, Ukraine. Tiger gave birth to four cubs, including a rare albino tiger on May (AP Photo/Skazka Zoo)

AWESOME #WILDLIFE BEAUTY LOVELY #SNOWLEAOPARD  SO CUTE  Amazing Shots affectionate Snow Leopard beautiful snow leopard pair love of family even in the animal Kingdom!!!!!! It includes four Feline species in the Genus, Panthera - the loin ( Panthera Leo Tiger ) ( Panthera tigress ) Leopard ( Panthera pardus ) and the Jaguar ( Panthera ones ) The members of this genus are the only ones able to roar and this is considered as a feature of the big cats. All cats are carnivores effecient…

They don’t belong in zoo’s,that’s no differant then putting us in jail.But some people deserve 2 be put behind bar’s 4 selfish act’s,these beautiful creatures do not.Ban people not animal’s.


The number of tigers in zoos and breeding habitats greatly outnumbers the free…


/ Lion and butterfly. / Photo by Kerry Snider. / At Earth focus.

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beautiful-wildlife: Tiger by Robert Cinega (wonder / wander) - Beautiful-wildlife: Tiger by Robert Cinega It's probably one of the most beautiful animals in the nature.

tiger's agressive view!!

Love the eye color. Another pinned said: "study: Sumatran Tiger (Michael Deneau)"


This is a beautiful picture of a tiger with its reflection in the water. I love reflection pictures!

Someday we all will live in peace.

Someday we all will live in peace.



Mama's got your back, baby...

Mother and baby lion cub. That baby is so cute!

Commander Tigero approaches...

Commander Tigero approaches...

Such a beautiful animal!

Such a beautiful animal!