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Acrylic Painting covered with tempered glass. Donated to my husbands reunion raffle.

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x Purple wooden frame tray with stained glass mosaic inlay. As one of my biggest 'fans' remarked this is vintage glassjan. This is the type of thing I started with years ago and they still remain a favorite to create.

НЕОБЫЧНАЯ МОЗАИКА: Мозаичные картины Жозефины Александер

These poppies grew in my garden. they fade so fast, thought I'd "Keep" them a bit longer in glass.

Unfurled was created by several mosaic artists. Photo Pam Goode

UNFURLED flower 3 - A collaborative mosaic triptych between Ciel Gallery, Lin Schorr Mixed Media Mosaics, and over 50 mosaic artists. UNFURLED will be located on the exterior wall of Ciel Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina.