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Refinancing your loan is literally paying off your existing home loan and replacing it with another.

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Putting together the paperwork needed for home loan approval is a task many prospective home buyers dread. We see many happy faces when we tell people that as

What are the pitfalls of an “off the plan” Investment Property? - http://www.oceanhomeloans.com.au/what-are-the-pitfalls-of-an-off-the-plan-investment-property/

If you keep a keen eye on the property market, you’ll no doubt know the term “off the plan” (OTP) investment property. Essentially, you are entering into a

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Is a home loan from a big 4 lender really better? It’s probably no surprise to you that more and more people are choosing their mortgage from smaller lenders

A Dummies Graphical "How To" Guide to Getting a Home Loan

How To Get an Unsecured Home Improvement Loan - Without Equity

Investments in real estate have long been a migration route for Indians with a deep pocket. Cities like Dubai and London have traditionally attracted India’s rich citizens. Now, with investors looking towards Australia as an option for real estate investments, rich Indians are considering it a viable option for investment related migration.

Property market buoyed by investor demand: According to new research conducted by Mortgage Choice, investors currently account for just over 30 per cent of all new loans written – significantly higher than the 27 per cent recorded just 12 months ago.

HOW DOES A PRE-APPROVAL LETTER HELPS TO BUY YOUR DREAMED HOME?  Read at https://www.facebook.com/RealtorExclusiveLLC/photos/a.514446788662651.1073741828.404726686301329/1040489536058371/?type=3&theater Realtorexclusive.com #RealEstate #house #singlefamilyhome #businessopportunity #appartment #RENT

When it comes to shopping for a property, a home loan pre-approval can give you the winning edge. It shows real estate agents that you are serious about buying

How will the changes to investment loans affect you? - http://www.oceanhomeloans.com.au/how-will-the-changes-to-investment-loans-affect-you/

How will the changes to investment loans affect you?