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It's never to early to learn about safety.

Sadly, My First Cavity Search: Helping your child understand why he may be a threat to national security is not a real children's book being distributed by the TSA to kids ages 6 and up.

Imitation is NOT the most sincere form of flattery. It's down right obnoxious!

Free and Funny Friendship Ecard: Oh darling, I know you want to be me but don't make it so fucking obvious.

Tommy Lee Jones...is a handsome man.

Tommy Lee Jones always looks like his son just told him he wants to ride unicycles professionally.

Meet Tom Donilon, Obama's National Security Advisor. Tom is the guy who leaked the identity of Seal Team 6. Tom is still employed.

Tom's the guy who leaked the identity of SEAL Team 6 and got them killed. Might as well have murdered them himself. Tom is still employed by Democrats. What the hell does THAT tell you about century Democrats.

I wonder what Level 6 will bring?

Vintage Ladybird science books dangerous experiments wouldn't be allowed in today's classrooms

Strange childrens book

Help little Timmy understand the concept of doing hard time by reading him "The Night Dad Went To Jail". This informative children's book will teach kids the life changes they can expect after daddy gets sent off to federal pound me in the ass prison.


Parody Of 'Little Golden Books' From Your Childhood Is Hilariously Twisted