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The Geisha design process was instrumental in helping to establish the level of technology in the world of GHOST IN THE SHELL. Early in production, it was postulated that cybernetics and robotics had been developed to a degree of such sophistication, whereby a manufacturer could add artistic detail and complexity to the inner workings of an android in the manner of an exclusive timepiece. ©2016 Paramount Pictures & DreamWorks Pictures.

Audi Robot by Sadgas VFX: so Audi who's idea of robotics ends at automotive diagnostics is making commercials saying that their car is futuristic and high tech like a robot that can play violin. Wait a minute, didn't Toyota already do that?

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Policía de un futuro hipotético, ilustrado en la película de Robocop del 2014. CLICK the PICTURE or check out my BLOG for more:

Robot ready for 3d print , Chadwick Dusenbery on ArtStation at