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WHAT can ever be so special as to be worth DYING for? ..... The only right answer-- because everything passes in time and Time ends all moments on day-- is in John 10:10 and Romans 8 (especially at the end) and more... The only right answer is: YOU. And the only Right Answer is: Jesus, because He loves YOU despite anything you've done. -DdO:) - YEP, it's "The Sunday School Answer". That does NOT make it wrong!

Faith is deep... as everything in life. But if you have faith in yourself, your heart and your inner beauty, you can conquer the world. Believe that everything is possible. Follow your heart, not the reason that formed in your head because of "others", and you'll see that even thought everything happens for a reason, you can regain your dreams and goals. Be happy. Life is a one shot deal. Make it count. Trust in your heart. You know....