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Africa | Limbondo ~ "Chokwe", Zambia. | ©Francois d’Elbee || Commenting about his study on the Chokwe masks : “ the context of ritual initiation, ancestral spirits may assume the form of masks to assist in transmitting knowledge of history down through the generations. These ancestral spirits are known as Makishi and maybe seen as the masked dancers. They “rise up from the grave” and are central to any study characterizing the ritual art, history and ancient language of the Chokwe…”

African "Juju costume". Cross River Egbo Society. Image taken from a lecture given by Carl Meinhof on African Religion in Hamburg, 1912. Shaman, ritual, costume

bulgarian men in babugeri costumes, used in pagan rituals. (again, frighteningly similar to a figure from a recurrent childhood nightmare)

Wearable Sculptures that Make the Wearer Perform a Gesture

LOVE! A model wears an aluminum cuff bracelet, from which five metal "marionette" strings hang, with a ring for each finger. When the wearer's hand is braced by these rings and cuff, the just-so arranged hand evokes the poses of classical paintings.