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Stop stalking the hell out of me, get your head out of our ass and go fuck yourself. You are stupid and you always will be, DUH

With the name “Sojourner,” I have realized that I will never remain in one place for too long. My fate is sealed with the soul of a drifter; kind of like Lana Del Rey in her “Ride” video when she...

Everything in closet marked down!!!!! I have wildfox,show me your mumu, true vintage band shirts,VS and more. Everything has already been marked down but still accepting any and all reasonable offers! Need everything gone ASAP! Next day shipping!

It's Monday after a holiday... we really need a jolt of electric to get us going. Today we will pin NEON.

I am excited about my prospects, and also thankful very to those who offered more than generous job opportunities. Most skills are transferable and I am fortunate in that I know my strengths and weaknesses. And where I am going.

Make up your own life Party Girls! Make it colorful, make sure there is some love, and make sure you always represent a strong Party Girl!

Pretty words aren't always true and true words aren't always pretty. Surround yourself with people who you can have brutally honest conversations with because that is true love ❤️