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Shire Horse - I love these big horses, I want one if I ever get a loooooooot of money. I want a black/brown one like this. His name would be BLACK BEAUTY!!! :)

Shire Horses are recognised as the tallest horse breed in the world and Luscombe Nodram (Noddy) is supporting that claim, standing 20.2 hands.

A week old Shire horse foal runs around her mother Orla at Cornwall's Crealy Adventure Park on May 24, 2013 near Wadebridge, England. Once a common sight in the UK, shire horses are now classed as "at risk" by the Rare Breed Survival Trust. The yet-to-be-named filly foal, bred in a breeding programme by the adventure park as part of a endangered species prtotection project, will be one of less than 300 predicted to be born in the country this year.

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