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Shai talking to Theo on the set of Allegiant part 1 , in Atlanta

Shailene woodley and Theo James on the set of allegiant. Btw i don't really like shai's hair in that way.

Divergente : Quatre et tris ♡

What Sets Divergent Apart From Twilight: Divergent focuses on a futuristic society that's dark, gritty, and trains teenagers to beat the crap out of each other — all of which made for an intriguing movie set to visit.

Tobias (gif)

The First Tobias Quote From Divergent's Third Installment "Allegiant" Has Been Revealed ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~

This was chilling to read, and it seems scarier on-screen when Jeanine says this to Tris.

I love Tobias! But I honestly don't see what all  fuss is about over Theo. That's not how I pictured Four at all!

(Even though I have not read the divergent series this is really funny! You are not allowed to think it's funny if you have not read and cried through the books!