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#SexyShred #SexyShredRecipes Tropical Mango Tango Smoothie | - use an approved sweetener.

Yeast molasses pancakes with herb fruit

#SexyShredRecipes Yeasted Pancakes With Herb Fruit - Cook Republic | Milk alternative, approved oil, cage-free or free range eggs, sea or kosher salt for the pancakes. For the apples: approved oil, sea or kosher salt, approved sweetener.

Strawberry Basil Agua Fresca

#SexyShredRecipes Strawberry Basil Agua Fresca | -- swap sugar with an approved sweetener.

Stuffed Cucumber Kimchi (Oi Sobaegi Kimchi)

#SexyShredRecipes Easy Pickle Recipe: Cucumber Kimchi Bites - Recipes from The Kitchn | Use an approved sweetener in lieu of sugar in the paste.

Fiesta Chicken Tacos with Mango and Jicama Salad

#SexyShred #SexyShredRecipes Fiesta Chicken Tacos with Mango and Jicama Salad on Taste and Tell - swap sugar with an approved sweetener; organic salad greens; sea or kosher salt; approved tortillas (or make your own); chicken should be cage-free or free range, vegetarian fed, and have no hormones or antibiotics

#SexyShredRecipes Eat Your Greens Chickpea Medley | Organic Grade B maple syrup or another approved sweetener for this one. If you opt to use canned chickpeas, rinse and use organic.

Homemade Dream Dressings: Tear this out and stick it on the fridge. Congrats! Your salads are now set for life. Can also be adapted as marinades.

Grilled Zucchini Ribbon and Kale Salad

#SexyShredRecipes Grilled Zucchini Ribbon and Kale Salad Recipe | Use raw honey and an approved cheese.

Chicken Fajita Sizzling Salad

Chicken Fajita Sizzling Salad with Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette via @Ann Brincks Girl Eats | Swap out the canola and vegetable oil with approved oils. (Try grapeseed for the vinaigrette for a more neutral taste.) Sea or kosher salt. Cage-free, vegetarian-fed chicken with no hormones or antibiotics.