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Drink water

Squeeze them into warm water and drink every morning. There are 2 things I do every morning, (pretty much) without fail: drink oz of cold water and drink a glass of warm water with l.

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11 Delicious Detox Water Recipes Your Body Will Love

To look great on the outside you have to feel good on the inside... New Years Resolution anyone? hair-and-b-e-a-uty

Having a clear skin is a great blessing that all girls wants to have. But quite unfortunately we are not blessed with it. If you are not blessed with clear skin, you cannot sit idle. Find some beautiful clear skin tips from us.

Antioxidant benefits include healthy, anti aging skin, heart health, and improved eye health. Try these Top 10 High Antioxidant Foods to get your daily dose.

These Foods, Herb, Spices & Oils are Absolutely Bursting with Antioxidants

Antioxidant benefits include healthy, anti aging skin, heart health, and improved eye health. Try these Top 10 High Antioxidant Foods to get your daily dose. (Diet Workout How To Get)

Healthy living

Distinguish between good and bad fats in your foods by reading food labels and you will also learn how to determine if you reached the AHA recommended fat intake limit using a provided fat calculator.

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Drinking water is very important in maintaining good health, along with many physical benefits. Here are some reasons why drinking water a couple times a day can work wonders on your body! The char… top hacks on losing weight

Water drinking timing

And always make sure to drink what your body requires daily(not including what you need after exercise or hard work). To know how much take your body weight and divide it in half, that's how many fL oz you should be drinking daily at minimum.

What's your pee color telling you? You'll be surprised to learn with this awesome infographic!

What The Color of Your Pee is Telling You

Drinking Water - can usually clear up/change the color of Urine. WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PEE? Urine Color Chart: "The color of your urine says something about your HEALTH." Infographic from Cleveland Clinic HealthHub

Begin your day off with warm lemon water! This is the most effective fuel for the entire body right off the bat after you wake up. Honey is great with hot lemon water and will give you extra health benefits. Give it a go for a week straight as an alternative to caffeine!

Why You Should Start Your Day With Lemon Water

This article details why it is necessary to drink warm lemon water consistently to start your day!

Whenever we read articles on diet and ‪#‎arthritis‬, many things comes under dos and don't.  But can you tell whether diet soda comes in dos or dont. Read to know about this

7 Side Effects of Soda. This offers a natural, effective method for cutting soda intake. Great tips. ** I won't deny I love soda/pop, but good thing I rarely drink it now!

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Food Combination Chart Provides Healthy Clean Eating Tips

We found this infographic to be very interesting. So how about some yogurt for todays' breakfast? Food to eat everyday, healthy eating, clean living. Top 10 Healthy food you should everyday.

Cleaning teeth

If you swish with hydrogen peroxide everyday you will have the same results plus excellent gum tissue! Recommend swishing with peroxide for minutes morning and night. It kills bacteria that causes decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease. Worth a shot!

23 Tips For Drinking More Water Each Day!

Like our horses in winter, we need as much, if not more water during the Winter when we are less inclined to drink as much Here are 23 Tips For Drinking More Water Each Day! Drink to your health!