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art by Tony Holmsten I'm a sucker for castles, towns, etc. by waterfalls, even though anyone who lived there would probably be deaf.

ArtStation - Old work for Kabam(18岁之前没见过雪的孩子), O YOOONG

He had taken another order to intercept the officer in charge of grain delivery. Had it been sent to the stronghold, the Templars would surely up to no good!

Based on the mythological city of  Atlantis, before it fell in to the…

Landscapes , Mythology and Fantasy world - A favourites by LucreciaMortishia on DeviantArt

My latest personal project. Hope you guys like it.

My latest personal project. Hope you guys like it.

Jedd Chevrier  -  http://jedd-chevrier.squarespace.com  -  http://www.jeddchevrier.blogspot.com.es

does anyone know any really good Xbox one games that are free? I really like Neverwinter and all that fantasy stuff. it doesn't have to be violent/fighting game like Neverwinter, but the whole fantasy thing.

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commission for phasingirl e-book cover. the title of the book is Age of Valor: Heritage thank you so much for commissioning me~