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Salvia 'Sierra San Antonio', 2-4' high x wide, full sun, moderate to regular water   maybe needs too much water

Salvia 'Sierra San Antonio', high x wide, full sun, moderate to regular water

Salvia (Amistad) 4" tall fast. Hummingbirds

Top 50 Water-Wise Plants

Grace Walker Physical Therapist at Walker physical Therapy i Orange California likes this: Top 50 water-wise plants Salvia 'Amistad' Hummingbird favorite Salvia ‘Amistad’ grows fast to 4 feet tall with little water.

Mexico Plants and Flowers | Flowers of the Mexican Sage (Salvia leucantha) 'Velour Pink' on the ...

Mexico Plants and Flowers

Salvia munzii | Miguel Mountain Sage/San Diego Sage

Pictures and description of Salvia munzii, San Diego Sage.

Salvia leucantha ‘White Velour’ WHITE VELOUR MEXICAN SAGE  Salvia leucantha, in all its forms, is the most important Salvia species in our garden during late summer and autumn. This pure white variety is a star in a new rose garden Criss and I have just planted. It is as happy in half shade as full sun and the 30cm long spikes of dazzling, pure white flowers looked fabulous against pink and crimson roses. It grows 90cm tall by 90cm across. To create a drift plant approx 1 metre apart.

Dennis Norgate grew the Prairie Sage, Salvia azurea, for decades when he ran his justly renowned Norgates Plant Farm just outside Trentham in the central highlands of Victoria. I got it off him mor.

Flowers That Grow in Scotland | Salvia nemorosa 'Marcus', Meadow sage 'Marcus', Balkan clary 'Marcus ...

Salvia nemorosa 'Marcus' (Balkan clary 'Marcus' ) Click image to learn more, add to your lists and get care advice reminders each month.

Salvia Leucantha

Salvia is a great option if you're looking for purple flowers in October. They feel so velvety!

Salvia sylvestris 'May Night'

Salvia sylvestris 'May Night'

Clary sage oil

Salvia cadmica - Wand Sage for hot dry gardens

Salvia skylark

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