Again, usually don't like the black and blonde look but I like how it's done here. Maybe I'll try it reversed..

blonde and dark brown hair.

my hair...blonde with black underneath, and a choppy cut. :)

my hair.blonde with brown underneath, and a choppy cut. Very similar to what I'm I thinning of.

not a huge fan of the dark at the bottom, but  the dark underneath the top layer of blonde at the TOP of the head is ok

This is my collection of the pretty and sometimes filthy things I love about myself. From long hair to makeup to high heels and sexy outfits. So much pretty to celebrate and the filth that comes from.

Christina Aguilera. I was going to say I love her hair this way- but then I noticed: Where is her damn pinky?!

Christina Aguilera Lip Piercing - Christina Aguilera Body Art Looks - StyleBistro

Fiery red wavy hair with middle part.

Color art prompt: zentangle picture and add more setting around it. Include setting-ful in-picture border