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The Vampire Waltz - Hannah Fury

A social vegan

A social vegan. Totally me.

OMG!!!! New Peter Pan with Emma Watson as Wendy and Rupert Grint as Peter!!!

Peter Pan is an upcoming Walt Disney film starring Emma Watson, Rupert Grint. Emma Watson as Wendy and Rupert Grint as Peter please let this be true lol

I love Sheldon! 17 Perfect Sheldon Cooper Moments From 'The Big Bang Theory'

She’s right…

She’s right…

There's a storm coming, Mr. Wayne - Funny Batman joke with Catwoman announcing a storm when dancing with Bruce Wayne and Batman weatherman saying: "Alfred, she's right!

My dad always did this!!! And he thought he was the greatest comedian in the world. -3- ~M

Dad jokes…

Dad jokes…my dad totally made this joke all the time!

3 snaps in a Z formation!

Finally someone made this meme, Heat fans only started liking the Heat when they started wining with LeBron.

SMJ Scares the Shit out of me sometimes.

Harry Potter Quote

'Turn on the Light' Harry Potter Inspired Switch Plate. Wolf I desperately hope Q wants an HP room one day- or this may be my craft room plate.


David Crowder in 30 years. That's what hubby thinks, Jack!