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Pillboxie For iOS: Never Miss Your Medicine Again

Pillboxie reminds you when to take your medicine and catalogs all your medicine, past and present with text and picture. If you're someone who takes more than one medication at different times, it can be very helpful.

How to Use AirDrop Over Ethernet and Unsupported Macs

Airdrop for Mac is only available on OSX Lion. If you don't find it in your Mac, here is how to use Airdrop on an unsupported Mac.

Add a Few Laughs to Your Day with Instafun [Mac]

Instafun is a Mac app that reminds you to have fun. It gives you instant access to fun and interesting images and Internet memes from your menu bar.

How to Search the iTunes Store from the Menu Bar with Tunesque

Tunesque is a search application for the iTunes store and allows you to quickly search for music, movies, podcasts, books, iOS apps and Mac apps from your menu bar.

Folx: A Worthy Download And Torrent Manager For Mac

Folx: A Worthy Download And Torrent Manager For Mac

How to Use Android Apps On Mac: A Bluestacks Overview

How to Use Android Apps On Mac: A Bluestacks Overview

How to Unzip and Zip Files in iOS

File management in iOS is a tedious task, let alone unzipping and zipping of a file. iZip solves that by easily allowing you to unzip and zip files, right within the app.

The Right Way to Handle PDFs in iOS

Viewing PDFs in iOS just got a little easier with the new app PDF Cabinet. It's hard to find an app that will do what you want with storing, annotating, and organizing PDFs, but PDF Cabinet can do them all.

Turn Any URL Into An Interactive Desktop Wallpaper

Turn Any website Into an Interactive Desktop Wallpaper [Mac]

Dunno App: Reminders and Research Combined Into One [Mac, iOS]

Dunno works as a reminder service and also does research for you. Once you type a task, it will do research and have the material ready when you return.

How To Copy Search Results Directly From Spotlight In OS X

Spotlight in Mac OSX is more than just a search engine. You can also cut, copy and paste files directly from the Spotlight window.

Secure Your Folders with Espionage Encryption for #Mac #security

Learn how quickly and easily secure your folders on your Mac with Espionage, a state-of-the-art encryption tool that uses

Encrypt Your Dropbox Folder with BoxProtect [Mac]

BoxProtect is a software that allows you to encrypt and hide the data you store in cloud-based storage services like Dropbox.

How to Free Up Memory with One Click on Your Mac

Learn how to free up idle memory and speed up your Mac with a single click, by using a free Mac App called FreeMemory.

Back Up Your Google Account to Your Mac

Back Up Your Google Account to Your Mac

Making your own RAID back up drive from old usb thumb drives! Source: http://www.maketecheasier.com/hack-usb-drives-mini-raid-mac/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=11032015

Do you have a lot of old USB thumb drives lying around? This article explains how to turn old USB drives into a mini RAID on Mac OS X to give them new life.