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What Juvenile Court would be like. Happy Friday Everyone!  #TGIF #Court

This funny cartoon shows a juvenile court, where the attorneys and judge all act like kids.

Santa is named is named in a class action law suite for discriminating against the naughty.

If you're rich, guaranteed innocent, if you're poor you MAY get a few years off the sentence IF you can convince the Apr loan company to loan you a bit of money, think of that money buying years of freedom ( money well spent !

Mystery Fanfare: Cartoon of the Day: Texting

CBC students know that technology can be a great thing but it can also become a huge distraction as in this Free Range cartoon.

This is funny

In the Criminal justice system, fast trial is not recommended. Cartoon by Baloocartoons

Future lawyer right here! Or maybe she's taking a common core test.

"special piranha"

family law - i want him thrown in a vat of lava filled with special piranha that…