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The 10 Most DANGEROUS GANGS In The WORLD: #6 Is Scary As HELL!

An Army of Over Illegal Alien Gang Members in Texas coming to a town near you.

4 year vacation_thumb[3] Facts!

Actually paid vacation. Obama only vacations once a month. How many vacations did you have this year? I'm on social security,an entitlement that I have worked 54 years for, and it is not enough to drive to Texas to see my grandchildren!

mara salvatrucha - Buscar con Google:

193 Mexicans Died after Being Kidnapped and Forced to Fight like The Hunger Games

ICE Admits Putting Most Dangerous Illegals Back on the Street

ICE Admits Putting Most Dangerous Illegals Back on the Street - Freedom Force

Brad Thor's novel "The First Commandment" predicited the release of of five dangerous Gitmo detainees - Tea Party Command Center

Did you know that there was a fictional book published seven years ago that painted a scenario in which the U. would release five of the most dangerous Guant…

Some of the World's Scariest Military Troops

Some of the World's Scariest Military Troops

Mexican Army Special Forces (Fuerzas Especiales Michoacán) with the Barrett Sniper and Anti-Materiel Rifle.

Prison in El Salvador

Incarcerated members of the Mara 18 gang inside the Izalco prison in Sonsonate, El Salvador - Meridith Kohut

Immigration amnesty and America’s last stand - Tea Party Command Center

Baby Boomers and Senior Citizens Against Republicans & The Tea Party. Those "old white guys" in the GOP are a minority. Perhaps this will cause the eventual extinction of the Republican party.

september 11 museum | Sept 11 Museum Preview

Small earthquake rattles California wine country

Museum will air Al Qaeda film despite protests - Tea Party Command Center