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Guru of roots music Jerry Zolten talks about John Jackson, Bo Diddley, R.

'You see sir, I know you did it. I just have to figure out how.' I still…

Columbo star Peter Falk suffering Alzheimer's Disease and dementia

Peter Falk as Columbo. Onscreen legend: Peter Falk as detective Columbo in the TV show which ran from 1968 to Her court

Poverty Is Not a State of Mind / Poverty is a demanding, stressful, depressive and often violent state. No one seeks it; they are born or thrust into it. In poverty, the whole of your life becomes an exercise in coping and correcting, searching for a way up and out, while focusing today on filling the pots and the plates, maintaining a roof and some warmth, and dreading the new challenge tomorrow may bring.

Poverty Is Not a State of Mind

Reading Books Is Fundamental: a beautiful love letter to the practice of reading from NYT columnist Charles Blow.

Mayim Bialik as “Blossom” | "Blossom": Where Are TheyNow?

Mayim Bialik as 'Blossom'

The were essentially about two things: Nick Carter's lustrous golden locks and winning smile, and HATS. Especially hats with flowers, or any sort of foliage really. Pictured is tv character Blossom.

Driving around in a car…too mainstream I ride around on my hippo.

Circus hippo pulling a cart, 1924 It is not often that one sees a hippo-drawn carriage 90 years after this photo was taken. The Barnes circus had this hippopotamus named Lotus, who doesn't look all that happy to be harnessed to the cart behind her.

Andy Kauffman (1949-1984)

Andy Kaufman, extra ordinary man, note the early use of cooper black too!

Even hotter when hes mad :)

A local radio station pulls a epic John Cena Prank Call on a unsuspecting woman. If you love prank calls this will get you rolling out of your seat laughing

Another glowing celebrity endorsement...this time from Mr. Rogers. He would like you to vote for Camp Firwood and to do so go click here: http://ctvr.us/campfirwood.

Fred McFeely Rogers was an American educator, Presbyterian minister, songwriter, author, and television host.