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We have to break the record lets go, watch and refresh tell your friends to watch it!

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Yes i will forever love him and thank him for helping me even if he never knows of my existence

Oh my Niall Horan, you guys. It's another GIF working on Pinterest! How is this possible?

This Niall GIF is the best. From Kiss you. :) you can see the Irish on his steps


Judged and teased :( I don't see what the big deal is? I'm just a fan and they are seriously the sweetest boys on the planet who make awesome music. I just get tired of it sometimes (but that's not gonna stop me from being a directioner for life)

Holy Crap!! I cant even draw a straight stick person and someone can do this whoa that's so good!!

Mine would probably look like road kill, but maybe I could draw the hair.either way my drawing would be an insult to Harry.

"Cute as a button, every single one of you" - Harry Styles

Marcel is perfect. Marcel is life. Marcel is Harry. Therefor Marcel has ruined everything.