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Gashetka | Transportation Design

Rob Cunningham (ex-Relic, art god) on the RTS genre, HARDWARE, and no Homeworld 3 Gaming Discussion


The City of the Future by Jose Borges How do you imagine futuristic cities? I prefer to believe that cities will grow high, leaving old and traditional buildings beneath. This illustration of Jose Borges perfectly reflects my vision.

uff by Dimitar  Marinski

Dimitar Marinski is a concept artist at IO Interactive, the team behind the Hitman series.

Jedd Chevrier  -  http://jedd-chevrier.squarespace.com  -  http://www.jeddchevrier.blogspot.com.es

does anyone know any really good Xbox one games that are free? I really like Neverwinter and all that fantasy stuff. it doesn't have to be violent/fighting game like Neverwinter, but the whole fantasy thing.