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This is making me want dreads again. Or maybe a girl with dreads, I can't tell. my-style-pinboard


natural / non-synthetic dreadlocks. this is what I hope to achieve, minimal use of wax, focus on palm rolling


I get these randomly online, so please tell me if a photo is yours and I& gladly credit you.

The Freckled Fox : Festival Hair Week: Bohemian Gypsy Style I wish my hair was long enough for this amazing boho hairstyle

Need to try

Summer Scarf Updo 23 Five-Minute Hairstyles for Busy Mornings - Summer Hair: Keep Your Cool with These Updos .

Wow. I think this could be the colors.

unsure about real dreads? You can get very realistic temporary synthetic extensions to see how you like them first! Kind of thinking about temporarily dreading my hair?

14492540_1293637590669803_7324532528137812952_n.jpg 749×920 pixels

14492540_1293637590669803_7324532528137812952_n.jpg 749×920 pixels

MEDICINE WOMAN Bohemian Hair Wraps Temporary by FemmeFeralle

MEDICINE WOMAN • Bohemian Hair Wraps • Temporary Dreadlocks • Hippie Boho Native Tribal Hair Wraps • Leather Beaded Braids & Dread Falls