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Six-Million-Jews-Chicago-Tribune-July-20-1921-300.gif (300×431)

Six-Million-Jews-Chicago-Tribune-July-20-1921-300.gif (300×431)


I prefer to donate to my church, I know the money is well spent on helping others ❤️

Apartheid wasn't okay in South Africa nor Germany, why is it okay in Palestine?

"Apartheid wasn't okay in South Africa nor Germany, why is it okay in Palestine?" – You'd think a people that has been so persecuted wouldn't do the same thing to another people. There is NO excuse.

Tfooo alay! Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

Not content with the obscene juxtaposition of the Israeli and Nazi flags,this also goes even further into the propaganda cesspit to present this truly appalling piece of Israel and Jew hate dreck.


What a hatemonger. You should be ashamed of yourself for spewing such hate about other human beings.Now, if Obama was white. this is a perfect board to say "someone" IS playing the race card.

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What Islam Says about Terrorism? The medias say WRONG things about islam. Islam is a peacefull religion. And it is forbidden to kill someone, when you are a muslim.

What is Islam, Muslim religion believe & its facts about? Al-Islam is a heaven-religion’s & it is meant for the humankind to Success in world and hereafter.


Dear USA, your is our Sincerely, Palestine