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Number 3 and 4, now we know what happened with them...almost

Number 3 and now we know what happened with them.

Drei's the type - 5;nombre #wattpad #de-todo

Drei's the type - 5;nombre

elentori-art: Humanize Journal Gravity Falls Humanized Journal you can find 1 here and 2 here! They’ve been named Eins, Zwei and Drei.

Wrath of Mabel.

Dating expert

This just makes me laugh so hard. High School Musical / Gravity Falls Mash-up.

Marble Hornets: someone coughing randomly

stevenuniverse, hamilton, gravityfalls, undertale, homestuck>>>what freaks out the supernatural fandom.

The three journals as humans. Eins, Zwei and Drei. This is amazing. bipper | Search Instagram | Pinsta.me - Instagram Online Viewer

The Three Journals Huminized. Eins, Zwei and Drei. The Journal I like most is Journal because he reminds me of Dipper, when I first saw the picture of Zwei, I thought it was Dipper!

Did someone say Avengers, Pokemon?, Teen Titans?, Gravity Falls? Doctor Who?, or ANIME, Anything, I'll be so pipped up!!!

Simply Fantastic

This is SO ME! My friends can't mention anything Doctor Who or The Avengers in public or I will embarass them to DEATH.this is literally what my face looks like!

I can't remember if this has happened to me...I've zoned out before but I knew the question

This happens to me all the time.the teacher thing, not Bill. Though I much prefer a surprise Bill visit than a surprise Teacher call