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In my life, I've had thousands of failures, hundreds of wrong decisions & countless stupid mistakes. But if given the changes to change?Because somehow, my PAST made me what i am RIGHT now. Not HARD as DIAMOND, but strong enough to WIN

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This is crazy! Teachers should post this on their boards. It works anywhere! In the workplace, school, and etc.

Every problem has a solution, only if we perhaps change our Attitude. It is our attitude towards Life and Work that makes.our life successful. A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E = = To achieve this attitude, you must be disciplined in life!

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My attitude is based on how you treat me. I can give 100 percent sassitude or 100 love/respect. What are you going to give me ?

30 Inspiring Quotes about Happiness

30 Inspiring Quotes about Happiness

I change the conditions of what is being thrown my way. Yeah I like a rigged game, we all know life isn't fair, so why should we do fair.

"Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor." ~ Rumi Positive Mental Attitude Quotes Rumi Quotes Change your outlook

My rule of life: #1 "If you want something you never had, you have to do something you've never done."

100 Inspirational Quotes That Summarize The Wisdom About Life

When something goes wrong in your life, just yell "Plot twist!" and move on. I'm gonna have to yell plot twist a few times a day then

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Change Your Attitude and You’ll Change Your Life

"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny." Move past your hardships and prepare for the good things that come afterwards. Don't let your hardships jade you or blind you to the greatness that life is offering.