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Amazing Alopecia Cure: Do you or someone you know suffer from an auto immune disease? My client, who suffers from alopecia (auto immune disease where you lose all your hair) had no hair when I first met her. Well, she showed up today with a surprise! She took her hat off for me and "TADA!" She thought I was crazy when I told her that she had a food allergy causing her to lose her hair. She is a total believer now! She was so excited that she had her first hair cut in over 10 years!

Balancing Hormones Naturally with Seed Cycling - fascinating. Eat different seeds during different times of your cycle to help with hormonal balance.

Elissa Goodman says, "This lifesaving herb, Rhodiola rosea acts like a hormone thermostat, especially as it pertains to cortisol (a main stress hormone). Getting your cortisol back in rhythm when you’re compromised is crucial and Rhodiola literally helps balance the cortisol levels in your body. This herb is very useful for treating my stressed out clients! Start with 100 mg and increase it 100 mg every 5 days (total 500/600 mg)."